I believe that everyone have their goal. In our life, we need to set a goal. Without goal, you still can success but with the goal, it will help you to manage your time.


I am not talking about time management. I am talking about goal. It is very important for everyone to set a goal. If you have a goal, you can know what exactly you want and you can set the time when you want to archive it. So, it will motivate you to work hard and also for you to understand more about yourself such as to know your own limit.

I always told myself to not say NO to all of the things so that I can try to archive it. Push until the maximum and improve it from day to a day.

I want perfect and I believe other people want it too. It is depends to our self how we gonna to look into it. Impossible is not in my dictionary and I believe that I can do it.

I’m possible = impossible.

This is my workstation. I purposely paste it on my wall so that I ca remind myself every time I use my working space.