Does this photo look normal to u? It’s not normal for me. Let me share something. Today, as usual one of my clients came to my studio to have a photoshoot. It’s just a normal family photoshoot session. I learnt something really important from that girl. She’s just 3 years old. I just want to share something to all of u. Their conversation really gave me a lot of meaning.

Dad: can u help me?
Girl: I’m busy.
Dad: what are u busy with? U’re just drawing.

Remember.. try to spend ur time wisely so that u won’t be like me. I’m too busy for my own family. I still remember the time when I was still in my diploma years; I didn’t see my family for over a year, not even during Hari Raya break. They are staying in Singapore & I stay in KL. It’s all because I’m too busy with so many clubs & societies in university and held a lot of high positions (For those who study in Nilai UC from 2007 – 2010, and know me, they know how my life is). What I had in my mind at that time was to build my own network, gain experience, and to learn something new.

Work or Love? Family or Money? Success or Regret?
People say if you work too much, you will lose the ones you love. I do not believe in that. I believe that I can have work & love at the same time by managing my time properly. Family or money? Some people say that family is more important than money. I strongly do not agree. I came from a not-so-rich family & I know how important money is. Somehow, humans are the only creature in the world that pays for living. There’re always ways to earn money without sacrificing your family; but sometimes, when we sacrifice something, only then will we understand how important it is in our life. Success or regret? If you do not fall, you would not success. It’s better to regret now instead of later.