When we talk about wedding photography, most people tend to think that it is a simple task. I’m not talking about pricing, “photographer-killing-market” or other stuffs. In this blog post, I just want to talk about one simple yet important thing that people tend to neglect: accommodation. I have been travelling around Malaysia and Singapore for wedding shoots. Whenever I work outstation, I always let my client choose my accommodation since they are more familiar with the area.
Some of the clients I’ve dealt with before were really kind. For example, one of my previous Singapore clients had their wedding ceremony in Mandarin Oriental Singapore, and they gave me an extra room there. It was luxurious. Unfortunately, I have also faced some problems such as where my client made me stay in very cheap and bad hotel. I know that everyone wants to cut cost, when it comes to purchasing our wedding photography package, they tend to choose the lowest priced package. The thing is, accommodation is very important, and some people do not see the importance of a good accommodation. The quality of the accommodation will influence the mood of the photographer, and thus the quality of the photographs.
As photographers, we are not demanding 5-stars or a high class hotel. What we want is a decent hotel that is safe and comfortable. It should not be the kind of cheap “roadside hotel”. Here’s an example to make it clearer. I had to sleep in an uncomfortable room when I went to Terengganu for a wedding shoot. The room was really bad, the toilet was dirty, the bed was in a bad condition and it made my body ache. I was not in a good mood the next day, how do you expect me to take good photos? Another thing to consider the the “hotel area”, or in other words, their own parking lot. Due to the lack of a proper parking lot, my friend’s car was fined because we parked in front of the hotel. It’s not just that, what if your camera was robbed? Since the hotel does not have a proper parking lot, they would not be responsible if anything happens. All the photos and videos would be gone too. What now? Is your client going to organize another wedding ceremony just for that?
From the point of view of a photographer who has been shooting for wedding ceremonies for more than two years, I just want to voice out how I feel about this. Every time I close a deal with my client, I need to explain everything. Not just for wedding, but any project that requires me to go outstation too.
Dear clients, remember to think twice. Are you sure you want to save money and risk having bad photos for your big day? The bride is never going to forgive you for ruining her big day. – Photo taken from Google.