Back then, a lot people asked why I really noob in football. The reason is… haha a lot… ^^”
I prefer Tennis more than football. When I still study at Nilai UC, I still remember the day where I play for them and went to UTP Perak.

I still remember my favourite racket is Wilson K Six One 90 which is Roger Ferderer use it. It’s not because of he use it but because of the head size that small, balance and also heavy!

I still remember when last few month, my friend invite me to Tennis Open Malaysia at Bukit Kiara, HERE!

Normally, I will train myself everyday at Nilai UC on weekdays evening and weekend morning I will go Sunway College to play Tennis in the morning. So, imagine 5.50am take train from Nilai to Sunway? ^^

So, anybody at Taylor Lakeside play Tennis? I want play!




I asked some of my friend who just started play tennis. They said that they play because of…




LOL! @#$% Muahahha… I believe you guys know that stupid anime things right? haha LMAO!

~la la la la la
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