My Selangor Story is a contest spearheaded by Tourism Selangor to promote Selangor’s cultural diversity and rich tourism resource to travellers around the world.

Last time I blogged about the contest. So, I was one of the Top 30 Blogger who will experience and know more about Selangor. If you think the attraction of Selangor only Sunway Lagoon, it is actually more than that.

So, did I qualified or not?
Who else will be part of the trip?

There have 30 bloggers and to be honest, I only know 5 of them. So, it’s really a good things for me to know more bloggers. All of the blogger will be travel on 23th – 28th September 2010!

So, what it’s that all about?

* Tourism Selangor will arrange for the entire tour itinerary, including return flights, meals and lodging. Miscellaneous expenses will be borne by individual participants.

* The 30 selected bloggers will be flown in to Selangor for a 6 day/5 night tour of Selangor from 23th – 28th September 2010.

* During this period, participants will be required to produce a video (up to 3mins) of each day’s activities and upload it every evening together with a travelogue of the activities on to the Tourism Selangor website with a link to YouTube.

* The videos/stories must be produced based on the requirements of Tourism Selangor and be saved as an audio-visual file, with the copyright co-owned by Tourism Selangor, Sponsors/Partners and the entrants.

* Upon completing the itineraries in Selangor, with the required videos and stories uploaded, participants will be awarded with a per diem provided by the organizer and sponsors.

I know the video damn ugly right?

Objective of the My Selangor Contest:
-To ensure Selangor’s rich tourism resources and culture are known globally.
-To create a positive Internet buzz on Selangor.
-To serve as a powerful marketing and promotional tool for Selangor.


So what all of us will get? The prizes?

Grand Prize & 1st Runner Up

2nd Runner Up & Most Creative Blog

Best Write Ups & Most Interactive

Best Video and Best Photos

Last but not least, I would like to thanks to those who voted me so that I can qualified to be in the Top 30 Selangor blogger who will share our experience. To those who support me, you guys are great and of course I will return a favour to you guys *heart*

Stay tune with FeeqSays for more update yo!