Fireflyz is not a new name in airlines industry. For me when you talk about Fireflyz, I will think of their orange plane with some cute fan. One thing I love about Fireflyz is their seat. I have plenty of leg space and it’s really comfortable.
This trip won’t happen without Fireflyz, Dinas Indonesia and Mr Jocko who invited me to this awesome trip. I’m really excited to share with you my 4D 3N experience in Medan Indonesia. So, if you never been to Medan Indonesia, do bookmark this blog.
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The last time I fly with Fireflyz was few years back for Selangor Tourism. For some reason, I like Subang airport more than KLIA or KLIA2 because the airport is just a small airport and I don’t need to walk a lot.

So what happened upon arrival, everyone got stuck in immigration for almost 2 hours. The problem is we do not have official letter as media and one of our media have less than 6 month expired passport. After some discussion with the immigration for the miscommunication, we finally can leave the airport. Unfortunately one of the media from Gaya Travel have to go back to Malaysia.

Let’s look at it from positive point of view. We manage to get some time to know one and another. Not to mention that we did exchange our name card too.

I will talk more about Kualanamu airport on my next post.

Kualanamu International Airport have free WiFi. So, please do not worry about the internet connection.

Upon arrival. We met Dinas and Fireflyz Indonesia representative. Not to mention our tour guide too.
Our journey served with local view such as their city and village. How I wish I have more time to explore Medan.
The media and travel agent.
Kak Sari is our tour guide.
Our first meal once we reach Medan Indonesia is Nasi Padang. We had our lunch at Rumah Makan Simpang Tiga. It’s really convenience for a group of tourist since they have plenty of parking including for bus and the most important they have Surau (prayer room) too.

I will talk more about Rumah Makan Simpang Tiga on my next post.

Basically when you come to Pemantar Sianta, you must bring back or at least try their famous crunchy nuts.

I will talk more about their famous biscuit on my next post.

Can you see my greedy face? I bought some for my friends, family and colleagues.
This is how Parapat city look like. Basically according to Kak Sari, our tour guide, there have 100K-150K people who live in Parapat.
The first thing we did when we arrive in Parapat is we bought our Indonesia sim card. As usual when it comes to Indonesia, we prefer simPATI (Digi version of Indonesia).

I will talk more about Indonesia sim card on my next post.

I’m using my HTC Desire 816 as my Indonesia phone. I use it for my internet surfing because I’m using my HTC One M9 Plus for video recording. 
Keropok Malinja
Keropok Malinja Medan Indonesia is basically a local snack. It was really good and the good thing about travelling in a group, you can try a variety of food / snack and someone will always finish it. Because you always have people to share with.
Our journey to Parapat Indonesia is not that easy. Basically we have to go through hills, small road, village etc. It’s totally dark and most of us are sleeping.
Our dinner prepared by Rumah Makan Islam Murni. When I post up on my Instagram and Facebook, a lot of my friend told me they had their meal over here too. Seems that this restaurant quite well known. In the terms of food, it’s really good. I had my second plate.
I will talk more about Rumah Makan Islam Murni on my next post.
Everyone seems enjoy their dinner. The only time that everyone put down their phone and focusing on something, food.
My roommate on day one is Mr Jocko. We are staying for a night at Danau Toba International Cottage.

I will talk more about Danau Toba International Cottage on my next post.