It’s Broga Hill Time!!!
This is 2nd gathering that little monkey organized for the blogger. The 1st gathering is sponsor by Hon Kee Porridge and I was thought that why not I organized a Broga Hill Trip for my 2nd gathering. Adventure Trip + Photography + Food Hunting XD

This adventure trip quite fun when you had a trip with new friends and family…
(hehe advertlets) ^^ Thanks to nuffnang which is delete my post in innit! FML
Read my post and you will understand why ^^

The adventure take part from 11 am on Saturday where me, Jeremy & Augustine had our on adventure before we met the other bloggers!
We start with 1st Malaysia Dance Fair 2010 @ KL continue to KL Photoshooting Night View and of course continue to SS15 Subang Burger for my cute stomach XD

We meet up with the rest @ McD nearby sunway toll and move our lazy butt on 4am sharp…
At last we manage to make everything punctual and no Malaysian Time!!!

How to get there?
Click HERE for the map!
Once you spot the rabbit farm on your right side, park your car because you reach it already!
Poor rabbit, they cut your body and cook it T.T

Group photo @ 1st pit stop. It’s 6.00am!
We managed to reach Broga Hill meeting point at 4.45am… with Rebeca driving skill, I see no reason why we cant reach there so fast XD

We start hiking on 5.00am and it’s take almost 1hour to reach the 1st pit stop. There’s have 3 pit stop as total and the 1st pit stop is quite hard… Slippery and a lot of hole.

For those who want go to Broga Hill, make sure you guys bring a torch light. It’s very dark and you guys really need a light!

This is 3rd pit stop where we skip the 2nd pit stop group photo since there have a few idiot people who smoke. We want fresh air and not asap rokok la wei!!!

We manage to reach the 2nd pit stop and 3rd pit stop only in less than 30minute each pit stop. To go the 2nd and 3rd pit stop is not hard at all.

This is group photo at 2nd pit stop where we skip earlier. The best place to see the sunrise is 2nd pit stop and there’s have a lot of space for you to camewhore!
Thanks to Augustin Sony 700 XD for the picture.

Top… Jeremy.
Middle left… Your Truly & Justin.
Bottom left… Augustine, Nikolas, Harmonie, & Rebeca.

Suddenly meet up with Billy… *heart* miss him so much XD
sounds gay haha

Some shot of sunrise!

View of 1st pit from 2nd pit!
Can see why I said a little bit hard to go to the 1st pit stop?

View of 3rdst pit from 2nd pit stop!
It’s easy to go to the 3rd pit stop… Just walk, walk and walk XD

Ada gaya tak? haha XD

Our last group shot before we leaving…
Top left… Justin, Your Truly & Augustine.
Bottom left… Nikolas, Harmonie, Rebeca & Jeremy.

On our way back, we saw a lot of people sell food and drinks. Most of the drinks are coconut since it’s can cool your body. The last shop is Ipoh Kampung Chicken… Did you spot any free wifi sign on the banner? Just wondering if they have provide free wifi? hahaha XP