7aste now is back with the theme of Moscow-Russia!
November is around the corner. I’m in the mood of holiday even though my exam is in few weeks times.. The good thing is, I started my holiday plan already. In November, I gonna start kick off my holiday with PARTY!!!
This event will be hosted by our favourite gossip girl from Hitz.FM, Fay Hokulani will certainly wow the crowd through the unique inspirations of Moscow throughout the night.
Date: 18 of November 2011 (I gonna be there)
Event: Booze @ Johor (18/11), 32 Mainsons @ Penang (25/11) and The Laundry Bar (2/12). 
Oh well.. I’m not a clubbing or drinking person.. but it’s kind good for me to attend this event since it can be a good time for me to meet up with some of my friends since I have been missing in event lately =3

Continue read this blog post in order for you to get yourself FREE passes!

So what are you waiting for? To get your invitation to this coming party, please log into at 7aste .
Check out their website here, like their facebook page here and also follow their twitter here!
P/S: This event is exclusively for 7aste members and restricted to 18 and above with invitation and non-members will be charged RM77 each at the entrance.
See you guys there!