Let me tell you the story of Ginger. When I was a kid, my grandmother cooks chicken rice during the fasting month. The smell of chicken rice has really tempted me to break my fast. I went to the kitchen and try to grab a bite. I decided to open the rice cooker and I saw some sort of chicken inside the rice cooker. At first I thought it was a chicken based on the look. When I try to bite the “chicken” my grandmother came out from the living room and leave me with no choice to swallow the “chicken”. Then only I realize it was a ginger. From that moment, I hate ginger. Any meals that have ginger, I will avoid it.

14 years after the incident, I came across to Hanie Hidayah blog post (I use beef instead of calamari) when I’m searching for a recipe. Unfortunately, ginger is required in the recipe. At first, I tried to cook without a ginger and the taste is not really nice. Then I tried again for the second time and this time, I choose to add on blended ginger. Well, the taste is so much nicer compare from the previous one. Now I realize that ginger is actually quite nice.
What we can learn from the story; Sometime mistakes that we made will hold us back in life and we shouldn’t avoid them. Courage and step out from our comfort zone are the key for us to overcome our fear. Human are always make a mistake and never let the mistake hold your back.