From my experience and point of view, it’s really important for you to have a proper contract. Even though you have “black and white” such as email, SMS or WhatsApp, everything can turn around.  Clients will take you lightly unless they are working with you before or they really trust you.
I just got back from Indonesia for some short of meeting.  Alhamdulillah everything went smoothly. This time in Indonesia we are not staying in a hotel, but my client invited us to stay in her house. This is where she gets her vegetable.
 This time I fly with Lion Air. #PRAYFORMH370
Let’s talk about a contract. This is example of a photography contract that I prepared for my Indonesia clients ( & Creative Visual Studio). This is the last page, that’s why it’s only half of the paper. Usually, most of people only prepare the basic documents such as quotations and invoice. Then the clients will prepare the itinerary. I used to do that. Relying on email as a “contract” and never look contract as important stuff. However, when I had international clients, I will always prepare a proper contract with duty stamp. Then I realize one thing. Doesn’t matter if they are local or international clients. They are still clients. We are running a business and it’s really important to have a proper documentations and be professional.
As usual, to end my day I will always go for Bebek!