I’m starting my 1st Ramadhan in Langkawi and there’s no much of Pasar Ramadhan you can find around. Simply because you can easily see a lot of people who are selling food at the road side. I used to think that Langkawi is not really that big until I came down to Langkawi by myself.
So, there’s only have 2-3 big Pasar Ramadhan and one of it is in Kuah Langkawi (another one in Langkawi airport). Kuah is the town area for Langkawi and Kuah is the place where you can get your Duty-Free stuff such as chocolates, alcohol and kitchen utensils.
The best Pasar Ramadhan that I think worth for me to drive all the way from Tanjung Rhu (the place where I’m staying in Langkawi) is located in the heart of Kuah town. Located opposite of Azio Duty Free supermarket. Basically it will easily spotted once you reach Kuah town.