The winner for Jakarta contest, HERE!
Since I planning to drop by Bandung for my 16 Indonesia Tour, I have something for my readers. I’m really grateful that I always have a lot of people/friends/supporter who are always support me, FeeqSays.Com and Creative Visual Studio. I believe that “Giving is Much Better than Receiving” and I also believe that “People would Not Appreciate Free stuff”.
Since I plan to GIVE AWAY something to my readers, I just need your help to tell me something. Drop me your answer in this blog post before 17.5.12 (11PM). I will choose 2 people and you will receive something from me… something from Bandung.. It gonna be a souvenir and what can I promise… It gonna be worth more than just a key chain or a t-shirt 😉
1) Tell me 3 places that I must visit during my Bandung trip.
2) What should I do and why should I go there?’

1) You can use google. It will be better, if your answer are specific.
2) It must related with a photography (Not necessary to be a landscape).
I will announce the winners in this blog post. Stay tuned =)
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