A few months back, we had a photo shoot for “Teater 3 Kali Sayang” in our studio. It’s another theater by Raja Azrey from Geliga Merah Opera. If you think his name is familiar, yes, you are right! Check out some of his work from the previous theater “Pocong Bukit Pasir“. It’s honored for CVS Production to be part of the theater and we are really excited to capture the moments.
This time, he still uses comedy as the main ingredient with the spice of love and polygamy. If you think it’s just a plain and bland story of humor polygamy, then you should wait until at the end of the show because there’s a slightly of lemon twist.
A combination of Malaysia and Indonesia artist who will make 3 Kali Sayang full with laughter.
Check out Geliga Merah Opera Facebook page for more update on the press release, daily practice, preparation and behind the scene.
I will be there from 28 until 31st of August. See you there!