Last Sunday, I went to World Food Day in Taylor’s University Lakeside campus. The main target is to have 1,000,000 food packages to fight hunger on World Food Day. All of the food will be delivered to crisis areas and school feeding programmes around the world, including Somalia. That’s awesome right?

Taylor’s University initial target was to get 1,000 volunteers. However, more than 4,000 people who had turned up on a Sunday to contribute their time and energy for the benefit of the needy.


Each finished package, which weighed about 370g, had six highly nutritious meals containing rice, soy protein, dried vegetables, flavouring, and 21 essential vitamins and minerals. After putting on their hairnets, volunteers scooped, weighed, packed and sealed food packages at their work stations to the accompaniment of loud pop music. – source
World Hunger Crisis: 
Here at Taylor’s, they believe strongly in service: not only to our students and our country, but to the world as a whole. Hunger and malnutrition are at the forefront of urgent problems in the world today, especially with the current Somalian crisis. Over a billion people on our earth go hungry every day, and malnutrition plays a role in more than half of all childhood deaths. We believe that this is a severe and urgent problem. More importantly, we believe that all of us are part of the solution.

Thus, Taylor’s Education Group (TEG) has pledged to pack and donate 1,000,000 meals through TEG World Food Day, when we will hold a series of Meal Packaging Events at Taylor’s University and Taylor’s College campuses as well as Sri Garden Schools on 16 October 2011. Each pack consists of 6 meals. Partnered with NGOs such as Stop Hunger Now and Food for the Hungry International, we aim to pack 166,667 packs (or 1,000,000 meals) to be distributed to crisis-burdened areas or school feeding programmes.

They use webcam to interact with other University/schools that participated. Through video fees, the competition between four locations; Taylor’s University Lakeside Campus, Taylor’s College Sri Hartamas, Taylor’s College Subang Jaya and Sri Garden Schools is really amazing.
Since I’m kinda busy with my assignment, I could not able to be part of the TEG volunteers =(


About Our Partner – Stop Hunger Now (SHN):
Stop Hunger Now is an international hunger relief agency that has coordinated the distribution of food to countries all over the world, with over 45 million meals packaged and transported to crisis-burdened areas or school feeding programmes in 76 countries. They are dedicated to providing food and life-saving aid to the most vulnerable, and to creating a global commitment to mobilize the necessary resources. For more information, visit their website