Last week, Taylor University organized TLCMUN First Annual Session Conference 2010. The event was held at Taylor’s University College, Taylor’s Lakeside Campus from 30th of July to 1st of August 2010. FeeqSays Network honored to be the official bloggers for the TLCMUN which is the motive is to build up the leadership skill and to bring up the youth. I still remember during my secondary school, I still stay at home study and play games.

The conference providing an experience for middle school students. TLCMUN encourage a close relationship between committee chairs and delegates to create a positive learning environment. Nowadays, student leaders are already coming up with Special Political and Decolonization Committee (SPECPOL) issue and Economic and Social Council (ECOSOC) issue.

Some of the topic that cover are the Question of a Palestinian State in the Middle East, Territorialisation and colonization of outer space and also Child Labour in South East Asia.

The launch!
Due the good response and feedback, I hope TLCMUN will continue their great job and hope that the next TLCMUN will be better. TLCMUN aims to serve as an exemplar of best practices for other Model meetings. Not only that, it’s also to raise awareness of the Organization’s role in world affairs and also to inspire involvement in among th next generation of leaders.

Taylor Symphony Band.

The participants will take on the roles of diplomats, debating international crises, negotiating difficult issues and drafting and adopting resolutions.

Other than an opportunity and experience for the young people, it’s also reflect through simulation exercises to these challenging issues but also to get an input from it.

I hope that TLCMUN will inspire young people to become ambassadors or become the leaders that to support peace, development and human rights in countries around the world.

Some of the photos during the event:
Facebook photos, HERE!


So, are you ready to be the leader?!