Last night, Taylor’s International Students Associations organizing Mini Cultural Night that has been held at Taylor Lakeside Student Life Centre from 6pm-9pm. The event started by welcoming speech from Moussa Ba, the Vice President of International Students Association.

Like other cultural night, some students who came dress up with the traditional costume. Performances, dance, games to chill out is the purpose of the event but the main objective is to establish a bridge between one and another.

Moussa Ba the Vice President of International Students Association who is the part of organizer team believe that this cultural night can be one of the way where the Taylor’s student can meet new friends who are not only from different culture but also different country. He also highlight the Malaysia 2020 mission.

The student from Taylor’s interior design, Aseel believe this event gave her new experience about what is 1Malaysia it is. Her family choose Taylor’s for her since Malaysia is Islamic country. To be far with family it is not easy for them and same goes to Aseel parent. Her parent really hard to let her go. Aseel who from Saudi Arabia, choose Malaysia because Malaysia is Islam country.

“1Malaysia is an on-going public relations campaign announced by Malaysian Prime Minister Najib Tun Razak on September 16, 2008, calling for the cabinet, government agencies, and civil servants to more strongly emphasize ethnic harmony, national unity, and efficient governance. Many companies and businesses in Malaysia use the 1Malaysia slogan in their advertising campaigns to curry favor with the Malaysian government.” – Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.

That is what internet said. I take time to think. What is the differences definition of 1Malaysia between local and international people. Which side they look at. What is their hope towards 1Malaysia.

Recently, racist is always be the issues. Even though during independent day. Some of the racist issues that happened you can ask Mr. Google or if you lazy, here you go… Malaysia Merdeka 2010 + Racist Issue & Friend get whack at Kampung Baru.

I just need your 5 minutes for you to think. Think about how we want to improve our 1Malaysia rather thank complaining. If you have any suggestion the action that public or government supposed to do in order to improve the 1Malaysia, reply in this post. Let’s we take 1st step to make a changes.

Mirror game.

Catch handkerchief? The participants need to show their “kiasuness” in order to win the game and get the handkerchief.

Band performance from my friend housemate.

Belle Dance.

Food of the day serve by the organizer. Manage to grab 4 slices of Domino Pizza XD

Last but not least photo me & Shannon. Can see our eye bag? LOL

Boring during the event? Taylor’s students, if you have at least mobile phone that support 3G, stay tune… Something coming up at Taylor Lakeside Campus…


Off to Robot Sushi media launch event at Sunway Pyramid & get my new tennis shoes yo!