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I have been selected as one of the pioneer members of the Malaysian Animax Youth Council who represent Animax Malaysia which is I need play an active role in shaping marketing campaigns during quarterly gatherings with the Animax team and the rest of the AYC.

Courtesy of FeeqSays Network & Taylor’s Asaban Festival 2010 I would like to give away 10 media passes to the bloggers.

What is Taylor’s Asaban Festival ?

Taylor’s Asaban Festival (TAF in short) is an annual event since year 2009 organized by Taylors Anime Society to celebrate the diversity of modern J-Visual Culture and tradisional Japanese culture. Like it’s namesake, this event is split into our signature two sessions — Asa (day) and Ban (night), which is designed to cater to both Anime, Comics, Games (ACG) lovers and Japanese culture fans alike.

Apart from that, Taylor’s Asaban Festival also acts as a platform for all participants to gain new experiences in terms of contacts, skills and most importantly provide a medium through which people from all walks of life can meet and share their love for all things Japanese, from the popular sub-culture of Anime, Comics and Games (ACG) during our Asa (day) session to food and tradition during our Ban(night) matsuri (Japanese festival).

In addition to all the unique experience, Taylor’s Asaban Festival gives back to the community. This year, we are inviting people from the homes for the destitute old women, and orphans to experience this event. We are also giving a majority of all our profits earned to our beneficiary, Grace Community Services. We believe that this awesome experience should also be shared with the less fortunate.

What is “ASABAN” ?
“ASABAN” is the combination of the Japanese kanji, Asa(朝) and Ban(晩), meaning “Day” and “Night” respectively, to represent the fusion of Japanese modern visual culture with traditional culture. Taylor’s Asaban Festival is incorporating a new trend in anime events within Malaysia, combining the elements of Anime, Games & Comics (ACG), together with Japanese culture – Matsuri (Japanese festival) into a single event. Through this event we aim to provide a platform not only for Malaysian Anime fans to share their interests and foster strong relations, but also as an event where non-anime fans get to experience and learn more about traditional Japanese culture.

In Support Of Charity
Grace Community Services (GCS) are this year’s benificiary. Other than receiving a majority of our generated profits, people from 2 homes under the Grace Community Services (GCS); Rumah K.I.D.S. (a home for underprivaleged children) and Grace Home (a home for destitute women) have been invited to attend our matsuri event at our cost. For more information about the Grace Community Services (GSC) and its homes feel free to log onto their website at HERE!

For any information regarding Asaban or the Taylor’s Anime Society, please contact:
Subang Jaya branch- tas.sbj [at] gmail [dot] com
Lakeside branch- tas.lakeside [at] gmail [dot] com

For stall, booth or activity registration:
Visit website and click on the forms section. Hope to see you there!
Or follow on Twitter: @animeintaylors

Taylor's Asaban Fest 2009
About the Taylor’s Anime Society (TAS)

Taylor’s Anime Society (TAS) is an anime appreciation society in Taylor’s University College that provides a relaxing atmosphere for students to relax and have fun. It is also a gathering place for them to socialize and meet other fellow anime fans from different backgrounds and different courses.

Every Friday, without fail, from 3.00pm onwards, random activities and games are carried out at TAS and that includes anime previews, discussions, cosplaying, games such as anime taboo, card tournaments, and so much more. Another weekly activity that TAS regularly conducts are Japanese Language classes for beginners, where all who are interested are allowed to attend, even non-TAS members and non-Taylor’s students. Other than that, the club plans and executes trips to Japanese Cultural events such as Japanese Movie Marathons, the Bon Odori Festival and as well as ACG events like anime conventions, anime screenings and so on.

To summarize it all, TAS is not just an anime appreciation society, it is a club which essentially allows you explore to Japanese culture in its entirety and this year TAS is bringing Japanese culture closer to you by hosting the first annual Taylor’s Asaban Festival!

If you would like to know more about them, do visit their website, and find them on Facebook @ or on Twitter @animeintaylors

Some of the photos during membership drive:

Any enquiries can be made to our email address,
For Taylor’s Anime Society Lakeside : tas.lakeside [at] gmail [dot] com
For Taylor’s Anime Society, Subang Jaya : tas.sbj [at] gmail [dot] com

P/S: If you are a student in Taylor’s University College (does not matter which campus) and you would like to join us, you may register here (

Taylor’s Asaban Festival
Date: 28 August 2010 (Saturday)
Time: Day session—10.00am – 4.30pm
Night session— 4.30pm-9.30pm
Venue: Taylor’s Lakeside Campus
No. 1 Jalan Taylor’s, 47500 Subang Jaya,
Selangor Darul Ehsan

Entrance details: Day session—RM 10 per person * All transactions are cash basis only
Night Session—Free *All transactions are coupon based only

*coupons can be purchased at coupon counters place at the entrance or at the organizer’s booth on the day of the event.

Some of the photo during Asaban 2009:



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4. Blogging contest closes 23th August 2010 (Monday 10pm).
5. Send your Full Name, Email, IC & Contact No. to for the registration purpose as the subject “Asaban Media Passes”.
6. The winner will be inform through the email (1 person will get 1 passes )