I found this website which sells “Taharah Soap”
http://sabuntaharah.com/ they help make our life easier to “Samak”. I bought it for RM5. You can purchase it from any small beauty kiosk located in Giant/Tesco/Mydin etc. Since my new job scope are pets photography and I’m doing photography for a living to pay for my studies, living expenses etc, so I challenged myself to do something different.
For more pets photo you can view: HERE!
Approval certificate. Some of the advantage of “Samak” and “Sertu”:
1 ) Kill germs and bugs on animal skins.
2 ) To give an opportunity for people to touch dogs/pigs.
3 ) To prove that Islam is a simple and hygiene is important in Islam..

There are other benefits too. Some of them are reducing acnes and curing skin problems. =)
If you are planning to purchase it online at http://sabuntaharah.com/ there are some advantages. They provide free postage through poslaju (for Peninsular Malaysia) and registered postage (for Sabah & Sarawak). Delivery is safe, fast and secure. All purchases made before 2pm (working days), delivery will be made on the same day..
There is a guide on how to use the soap for “Samak”, containing 90% clay.
The benefits:
1) Suitable for all type of skins and perfect for baby’s skin.
2) Dry skin; can moisturize dry skin.
3) Oily skin; that removes excess oil and balance the skin system.
4) Improves skin dead cells.
5) Body odor.
6) Brightens, softens and moisturizes the body.
7) Get rid of skin diseases such as ringworm, scabies, chicken pox, sores, rashes, itching skin, dandruff and cracked heels.
8) For “Samak”.
9) As a vegetable wash, soak vegetables to remove toxins and pesticides.
10) For washing clothes, to remove stains like blood, oil, rust and other iron.
How to use Taharah Soap?
1) Put it into a bucket of soapy water and shake until the water turns cloudy or completely soluble soap.
2) Flush in place to be tanned with tanning intentions.
3) Rinse with clean water 6 times / water absolute.