I was looking for supplements that will help me to recover my muscle lost after my workout. Optimum Nutritions is well known workout supplements in the market. I just bought Superior Amino 2222 (320 Tabs) from NutritionPro Cheras outlet. Since is just located nearby with my studio CVS Production, I manage to drop by before heading to the gym, CHi Fitness at C180 Cheras Balakong.
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Beyond The Basics: Amino 2222 Product Highlights:
– 20 Different Types of Amino Acids
– Provides Essential Amino Acids
– Free-Form L-Carnitine & L-Ornithine
– Fast-Release Capsules
Amino acids are essential to the human body. Athletes and bodybuilders can particularly benefit from supplementing amino acids because they assist in repair, growth, and development of muscle tissue. The body, through assimilation of amino acids, produces over 50,000 proteins and over 15,000 enzymes. Amino acids are not only responsible for the production of all the body’s enzymes (including digestive enzymes), but they also play a primary role in normalizing moods, concentration, aggression, attention, sleep, and sex drive. After protein is consumed, it is broken down into amino acids. Then, individual amino acids are used to create necessary body proteins and enzymes. Digestive enzymes break down the proteins a person consumes into amino acids.
The capsules really big and at first I do have a hard time to swallow. After a few rounds, I get used to it.
Superior Amino 2222 Caps provide a full spectrum 2,222 mg array of essential, conditionally essential, and non-essential amino acids derived from a blend of isolated, concentrated, and hydrolyzed protein sources plus L-Ornithine and L-Carnitine. 
2,222mg of High Quality Fast-Release Aminos Including All 8 Essentials!
ON Superior Amino 2222 provides 2,222 milligrams of high quality, fast-releasing micronized amino acids, including BCAAs and all eight essentials, in every serving.
Scientists, experts, and medical professionals agree that getting enough amino acids in one’s diet is a significant factor in maintaining good nutrition. Each two tablet serving of Superior Amino 2222 Tabs offers 2,222 milligrams of high quality amino acids including the eight essentials. Superior Amino 2222 Tabs are easier to swallow than most tablets and are quickly digested and absorbed. Used in conjunction with a well-planned diet that includes ‘complete’ proteins, these tablets can play a role in supporting muscle recovery from exercise. Because we used micronized aminos, they can get into your system that much quicker.