Some of you know that I’m currently undertaking the UniSA Degree Program at Taylors University College, right? Some people have asked me how good the Australian program is. To be honest, I am proud to be part of the Australian program. It doesn’t matter where you study, whether it is in Australia or Malaysia, as the calibre and quality is comparable.

Recently, I realized that there are a few companies who help students that would like to study in Australia. One of them is AUG; those who study at Inti Subang and Taylors Subang should know where it is. Don’t know? It’s located just beside Asia Cafe.

AUG Global Network Subang Jaya030
So, what is AUG about? Actually, AUG has established an image for itself as a reputable, honest, caring and efficient education placement centre. Traditionally, AUG places its priority on its students – and this has been the driving force in the company’s core operation and strategies.

To put it simply, it’s a platform for students who want to study in Australia. How? AUG provides a free and complete service involving placements for undergraduate and postgraduate courses, secondary schools, English language courses, TAFE courses and special study courses in Australia, The UK, US, Switzerland and Malaysia.

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How good is AUG? Well, AUG has an extensive network of 16 offices across Asia and Australia, all delivering the same, unbiased, precise and high quality service to its students. Also built into the company’s core business is a range of educational and student support services. The company establishes many networks with education providers and corporate firms to enhance the service it provides to students.

Some people have asked me what AUG actually does. What you can readily expect from AUG is a thorough and smooth experience in processing your application to universities, colleges, school and vocational institutes in Australia, The UK, US, Switzerland and Malaysia. AUG also provides an accurate picture of all aspects of student life to prepare oneself for overseas studies such as:

Extensive student and parent counselling
Discussing your study options/plans.
Impartial and comprehensive information of the Australian, UK, US, Switzerland and Malaysian education system.
Wide range of publications and audio-visual materials for references.
Visa consultations for students and accompanying parents.
Guardianship allocations
Providing extensive IELTS preparatory classes.
Travel and accommodation assistance

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A good thing about AUG is that those students who apply during the Application and Information week will have their application fees waived. Students may apply using their forecasted results. Some institutions will be able to issue Offer Letters on the spot subject to terms and conditions.

As such, all students are encouraged to bring along their complete documents such as, qualifications (completion letter, testamur, transcript, and forecast results), resume, Reference letter and IELTS/TOEFL, to make sure the approval goes smoothly.

Not only that, they also provide free consultation on ‘Migration to Australia’. Students may learn about opportunities to live and work abroad after completing their education. Parents may learn how to save on their child’s education too. So, how cool is it?

AUG Global Network Subang Jaya238
Fees? I know what people may think about them. For those who don’t know, AUG also offer scholarships. If you have any questions about them, your questions can be answered at the Study In Australia Information & Application week. There are various types of scholarships offered by the Australian educational institutions.

They are once again organizing a Study in Australia Information and Application Week in August. The event starts on the 9th at AUG Subang Jaya (12-5pm), the 10th at AUG Penang (12-6pm) and followed by the 13th at AUG Subang Jaya (12-5pm). Students and parents are invited to this event to meet up with over 26 representatives from different institutions across Australia.

If you are interested, we could even go together, as I’ll be showing up for the event as well (just don’t expect to all fit in my car).

Do you know that you may entitled to win some goodies from AUG by just getting beneficial study information from AUG?

– 2 Air ticket (domestic MAS airline)
– Sushi King (RM5 discount vouchers)
– Borders Discount Vouchers and more!

See you there…

The offices are located at:
Subang Jaya: 8, Jalan SS15/8, Subang Jaya, 47500 Selangor.
Penang: 441-G-9, Palau Tikus Plaza, Jalan Burma, 10350 Penang.

For more details, please contact AUG Subang Jaya (tel: 03-56343767) Penang (tel: 04-2286027) or drop by their website at