Okay, hari ni I nak share sikit pasal studio photography yang paling murah di Malaysia hehehe. Kira murah la dengan harga yang sangat berpatutan, studio yang luas dan selesa, peralatan yang banyak sangat dan… dan.. korang kena lah cuba sendiri.
Kalau tak ada photographer, diorang ada photographer sendiri. Boleh suru diorang shoot.

Suitable for :
• Photography
• Video production
• Dance / Theatre practice
• Make-Up / Zumba class & training
Why us :
• Affordable price
• Studio assistant available
• Cozy environment
• Fully air-conditioned
• Complete studio equipment
• High speed internet connection
• In-house Photographer available
• Suitable for student or professional
• Safety precaution (steel door grill, CCTV & studio located in safe area 24/7)
What you get :
• Full studio use (white studio cyclorama, mirror with full length body, workstation bar, prayer room, fitting room, lounge, toilet, kitchen, etc.)
• Backdrops (white cyclorama, green, yellow, pink, grey, “shining red”)
• Medium size reflector x2, Full body size reflector x2 & Reflector holder
• Studio light (including ring light) x6, Trigger (canon & nikon) x2 & Continuous lights x4
• Snoot + Color gel x2
• White acrylic 4’x8’ x1
• Heavy duty boom arm
• Floodlight + Color gel x2
• Beauty dish (large & medium) x2
• Large Octabox x1, Stripbox with grid x2 & Softbox (large & medium) x4
• Large reversible umbrella x1, Reflective umbrella x3 & Translucent umbrella x1
• Samsung smart LED TV 40’
• Mini-HiFi bluetooth
For rental:
• Canon 5D Mark III
• Canon 85mm f1.8
• Canon 16-35mm f2.8L
• Sigma 35mm f1.4 Art
• Sigma 50mm f1.4
• Rode mic
• Zoom H4N
• Wireless mic
• Konova Slider
• Glidecam 4000
• Manfrotto heavy duty tripod
Additional service :
• RM100 : In-house photography + basic editing service (exposure, contrast, color, alignment & resize)