People know me as a students, photographer and entrepreneur. Since establishing my own production house and studio, it is really challenging for me to manage everything. However, there’s no easy way to success right?
Currently I’m still studying in Taylor’s University Lakeside campus majoring in Bachelors in International Marketing and will study a new course by June which is Bachelors in Mass Communication. Sounds cool right? Oh well, it is not as easy as what other people think. I’ve always wanted the best stuffs for my studies and my career. As a student, paper and printing is a norm. I need to print out my study material and assignment. Same goes for my work. I need to print out my proposal, invoice, paper work etc. So, to be the best we must use best stuff.
Recently I just got myself a HP Deskjet Ink Advantage printer. To be honest with you, I’m already using HP printer for quite some time and I even have another 2 more printers that I’ve used more than 1 year for my working purposes. They’re in my office and studio and I use it mostly for my production house work. Check out the HP printer that I bought. Don’t believe me? I can show the receipt or you can ask my staff :’)
I always train myself that what you paid is what you will get. Same as photography or in any business that I do. So, I apply it on my study too.
I want to be not only an A+ student but also an A+ photographer.
To get A+, I need to put A+ effort and use A+ original tools. Everyone can be A+ in whatever they choose to do, just like HP IA Printing System.
I just install my HP printer recently. Check out the video of the speed and the quality of the printing!
*Video will be post up as soon as possible. latest by tomorrow. Video corrupted :'(