Was online and saw this article. However, I felt that Ken do not supposed to dress up like Steve Jobs in order to promote Action Pad. It is kinda disrespectful.


“No sooner has Steve Jobs passed away than a savvy Taiwanese computer firm called Action Electronics has put out a TV ad with a local actor named Ah-ken (阿Ken). Posing as Steve he hawks a new product called “Action Pad.” In the popular commercial, the apparently born-again Steve sports the Apple CEO’s famous black T-shirt and blue jeans, in addition to a white-haired wig with angel wings on his back and a halo.

The tablet computer ad is meant to be both funny and humorous — and it’s respectful of Steve while also a bit weird at the same time. And it plays well in Taiwan. How well it will play overseas on the Internet once word gets out is another thing entirely. In a way, it’s a bit disrespectful of a man who just recently passed away, and while death and dying have different meanings in non-religious Taiwan, there’s a time for humor and a time for respect.

The jury is still out on this ad, but it’s sure to raise some eyebrows, once it goes viral on the Internet. Who is Ah-Ken, you ask? When he first entered the entertainment industry in Taiwan, he had an experience he will never forget. In an effort to gain more acting opportunities, Ah-Ken was once hit on the head 30 times with a large plate by a local TV producer. Upon returning home, Ah-Ken asked his mom to make sure to wake him from his sleep, fearing that he might suffer a concussion and never wake up. He did wake up. However, what this incident did to his sense of judgment and respect for ”recently deceased people” is another thing entirely.

You be the judge. Rest in peace, Steve. Ah-Ken didn’t mean any disrespect. This is just Taiwan humor!” – Source