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Yesterday, went to SPARC series that take place at Papa Rich Bangsar. One of the reason why I would like to attend the event is because of the events is organized for youth. Not to mention Hannah Tan is in the house too.
It is been awhile that I met Hannah Tan, Jeremy Teo and Chris. So, believe it is a good time for me to catch some good time with them. After all as what I promised, I will be active back in social media and of course youth events.
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As usual, Jeremy Teo is the emcee of the event. Catch him in RED FM morning breakfast =)
The purpose of our SPARC Series organized by SEC is to inspire students to make good use of their college and university times. In a span of 90 minutes, 45 minutes will be a talk session by Hannah Tan and how to realize your dreams, while the other 45 minutes is for a QnA and Workshop session, where EYE will be talking about effective medium of communication, and how clubs & societies can utilize that to their advantage.
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Chris Tock shared about The Student Engagement Center (SEC)
The Student Engagement Center (SEC) aims to be a coalition or an umbrella body for interest and hobbies-based societies across Peninsular Malaysia, Sabah and Sarawak. The organization serves as a common platform of interaction for college and university students across the region, fostering greater synergy between students in different locations and of different tertiary education system by placing emphasis on community building through interests, leadership development and a more effective method of communication with the advent of the internet age.
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The crowd was good and I believe it will increasing in future =)
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Hannah Tan is really gorgeous, talented and successful. However, how many of you know what she have been go through in order for her to success? She shared her experienced what and how she can reach this level.
She told us that in order to success, you must know and understand well about WHY, HOW and WHAT. She said that the stronger WHY that you have, the higher percentage of success you will gain.
Hannah Tan
She make the audience stunt when she told us that she take pain killer for almost 2 month during her performance/show in Japan. She cried and almost give up.
There have a lot of things that she shared with us and I bet it gonna be super long blog post. SEC will organize the next meet up. So, do not miss the golden opportunity. Success is always there for people who dare to go out from their comfort zone.
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As usual, Hannah tan is always attract people who surround her. So, any question for her?
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With 2 most wanted guy of the year lulz 😉
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Good job guys.. looking forward the next one =)