I might sound outdated but some people say “better late than never”. I just found out about Small Mission Enterprise (S.M.E.). Basically it’s an English sitcom focusing on entrepreneurship. Nowadays, there are a lot of young entrepreneurs and it’s growing like a mushroom. Not to mention that I know quite a number of people who set up their own business and is inspired me.

When I start up my own business, I did not have a lot of knowledge about running a proper business. I believe that learning is not a destination but it is a journey. After my 1st company, Creative Visual Studio and CVS Production became stable, I decided to establish another company: an online reality production based on hidden camera concept, People of Hope. Our videos are in effort to raise awareness among people in Malaysia parallel with business interest for commercial advertising. I will be publishing my ebook soon and I hope it can help other young entrepreneurs.

Throughout the year, I learnt a lot. I met different kinds of people, dealing with different kinds of company and not to mention the obstacle that I faced really taught me a lot. Just remember, when you try to climb a ladder of success, some people will try push you down and some people will try to help you. Appreciate the one that helped you and try to give opportunities to others who need it. Never forget people who tried to push you down, and make it as a lesson.

It’s a good approach by our young and talented Comedian, Actor, Writer, Singer, Musician, Composer, Producer: Douglas Lim.

Check out their 1st episode. The rest of the episode you know where to get right? You can see the familiar faces such as Ash Nair, Baki Zainal, Adibah Noor and Chelsia Ng.

Episode 1: Life is a piece of cake

Episode 2: All in a Day’s Work
Episode 3: It’s all about time
Episode 4: Hiring, Firing & Tiring
Episode 5: E-asy
Episode 6: Insurance
Episode 7: If you don’t watch this, you will get 10 years bad luck
Episode 8: Corporate Con-sequences
Episode 9: Lights! Camera! Commercial!
Episode 10: Sausage Delivery
Episode 11: Dough & Taxes
Episode 12: The begining of the end (P1)
Episode 13: The begining of the end (P2)
Some of you might realize their billboard ads around Klang Valley.


Stay tuned Small Mission Enterprise season 2