When buying a “Baju Raya”, I prefer to buy at Singapore since their design are nicer. For those who celebrate there before, you can realize one thing where most of the family will wear the same color during the Hari Raya. Haha kinda funny XP

While finding a Hari Raya Songs in Youtube, it’s a little bit hard for me to find the one that “made in Singapore”. As the conclusion are… I found that…

Few major things about Singapore Hari Raya Songs:
1: A lot of their songs is recycle.
2: They shake their head same way and same position

3: Most of the video is more modern.

Satu Pagi Di Hari Raya – Hady Mirza and gang

Hari Raya In The City 2009 ~ Totally Funny!

Bulan syawal bulan raya

Lagu2 Ya Alif Ewa Ewa Hari Raya

Video Lagu Raya- Suhaimi terbaru 08

Tibanya Hari Raya Music Video

Selamat Hari Raya Aidilfitri
Maaf Zahir Batin