After more than a week I took a long break due to sickness, it’s time to get back to work. Learn my lesson. Sick is not an option. Meeting back to back and everyday is a long day since I have to catch up with a lot of work. 
It’s good to see the progress of CVS Production office in JB. Yes, we are expanding to serve our Singapore and Johor Bharu clients. Buzz us at if you need our services.
Richard Branson once said. Take care your employees and they will take care of your business. Every Friday, we try to avoid driving. We prefer to use Uber or Grabcar. Since last week we have to leave our studio as early as 6.30am and end our shoot at 6.30pm (peak hours), we took ‪#‎GrabCar‬ instead of driving. At least our crew can have enough rest.
The journey (Cheras Selatan – KL – Cheras Selatan) that usually took us 30 min (one way) turn out to be 2 hours journey (one way).
 A little bit of cleaning to welcome our new intern. Yes, we are expanding. If you interested to be part of CVS Production & White Studio Project , please send your CV to