When it comes to shopping, I’m a person that lazy to go from one shop to another. Just ask anyone that used to accompany me to shopping. Most of the time I will just simply go to normal mall/shop that I used to go or just check out the sales.
As a photographer and video maker for my company, I travel a lot. I always have limited or no time at all to shop when I was outstation. One thing I like about overseas product is, they look much cool and trendy compare than local products. Sometimes I’m on budget to shopping and at the end of the day I only record the shop details. When I back to Malaysia then only I purchase online (when I have extra cash).
Recently, I posted up about my cool camera bag from National Geography. A lot of people had been asking me about how and where I got my bag since mostly it was out of stock in Malaysia and Singapore.
I prefer online shopping because I can just shop from my desk and I do not have to spend a  lot of time going to the mall etc. I got it online from a US site, http://www.bhphotovideo.com/ and had it shipped to me in Malaysia.
I’m quite surprised because it’s only taken me 5 working days to receive the item. Since BH Photo headquarters located at US, I decided to send it over to my US address which is in New York. Don’t get me wrong, I don’t have relatives or house over there, just that I use the given Shop and Ship powered by Aramex address in New York – which works as your US address. 
Aramex is really professional in handling my item. Even though, it’s just a bag, they really keep it properly in order to make sure there’s no problem with the item. 
I believe there have so many courier services outside there and you might be asking why I choose Shop and Ship. My main reason because I can play with free shipment from the shop company since Shop and Ship an international shipping service that allows you to shop from 14 countries.
Before you head to your favorite shopping site, do check out Shop and Ship addresses (14 country) and they are increasing. 14 addresses; US , UK,  China, Turkey, UAE, India, South Africa, Hong Kong, Germany, Italy, Spain, France, Singapore and Canada. FYI, Malaysia has just become the 15th origin for Shop and Ship which means you now have 15 addresses!
How it actually works very simple. If you buy something from US, have it shipped to the US address (which then will be most likely be FREE or lower in price). Once your item reached Shop & Ship’s US address (or your any chosen address), you will receive an email.
P/S: There’s even an app for you to track your item.
Fees: Lifetime registration fee of : USD45.
Rates: Rate differs by country: http://www.shopandship.com/en/about/country-rate
Example: US to Malaysia: It is RM45/ 1st 0.5 kg (500 g), subsequent 0.5 kg(500 g) is RM35 for my shipment.
My bag was about 1.8kg so I paid RM45 (0.5kg) + RM105 (subsequent 0.5kg x 3 = 1.5 kg). Total is RM150.
But the good news is, Shop and Ship has just launched their new rates and happily enough, the revised rates are cheaper!
• Revised rates: Rates from SNS origins (U.S, Singapore, India, Turkey, UAE, Hong Kong and China) for first 0.5 kg is 45 MYR and 15 MYR for each additional 0.5 kg.
• Rates from other SNS Origins (Italy, Spain, Germany, France, Canada, UK and South Africa) for first 0.5 kg is 55 MYR and 25 MYR for each additional 0.5 kg.
What are you waiting for? Sign up here now! https://www.shopandship.com/en/signup
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And if you don’t know any international sites to shop from, you can visit their Facebook Fanpage: https://www.facebook.com/myshopandship to get some ideas.
You can also visit iShoptheWorld (iSTW), a cross border global market place, with a variety of products from 14 shopping destinations all ready to be delivered to your home at ease. You can find, compare and buy your products, and we will ensure to bring it to your doorstep!