Once upon a time, sex education is a big issue and it’s a big taboo subject where it’s finally going to be “taught” in Malaysian schools. I believe that nowadays, people who live with the technology somehow are learning more and faster from the Internet than ever before.

I receive an email where people ask me to talk about the sex education. Trust me. I tried to do a video to teach people how to wear a proper condom (by using carrot) in order to talk abut AIDS awareness. So, before I proceed to the next step, I wish people understand that how important Sex Education in Malaysia.

Sex Education is not just about how to do, how to avoid from pregnant so on. It’s also to educate people how to have a safe sex.

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The guidelines are jointly developed by the Education and Women, Family and Community Development ministries:

* Human reproduction, covering puberty, sexual identity and orientation, self-image and emotions;
* Communication and relationships, covering friendship, love, non-acceptable sexual behaviour, and gender roles;
* Marriage and family, which will explain marriage and parenthood as a life-long commitment;
* Personal development, covering values, rights and responsibilities, and anger management;
* Health and sexual behaviour, covering sexuality throughout life, abstinence, masturbation, fantasies, pregnancy, contraceptives, sexually-transmitted diseases, HIV and AIDS; and,
* Culture and society, covering sexuality and the law, sex and the media, sex and society, and religious views on sex.

The above will not be immediately be taught as a single subject, but be incorporated into some of the existing subjects taught to the students such as Moral studies, Islamic studies, Health studies, Science and Biology.

This is what they show at 7:00 o’clock in the morning, before the kids go to school. For your info, This is NOT a wake-up show for children. It is part of a series called´╗┐ ‘Neveneffecten, which made use of absurd humor and tried to shock the audience from time to time. The fragment this episode is taken out handles what a show should NEVER be about. I believe they have proven their point X-)

I believe if they teach students base on this video during the biology class, sure a lot of people will get A XD

Or you might perhaps to have a traditional sex eucation?

“Kuliah diDarul Ta’lim pada 23 Mei 2010. Dr Asri membicarakan tentang salaf di Malaysia dan pemikiran mereka tentang politik serta membawa beberapa hadis membicara tentang beberapa sahabat melihat kehidupan didunia ini.”