Today is the Hari Raya, guess where am I right now?
Now is 9am and I at… McD… Surfing internet yo! XP
Just back from Hari Raya prayer and I need an internet connection to reply all the email FML!

Since my grandparent (father side) pass away this year, so the 1st of Hari Raya will be at my Kampung at Johor. Tonight or tomorrow will go back Singapore.

When talk about Hari Raya, I still remember where during my childhood, I earn almost SGPD1K just in 1 week of Hari Raya. Imagine when I still cute & young err.. I mean kid, I can earn a lot of money from all my relatives. Now? I wish I can ^^

Year after year, I don’t feel anything about Hari Raya. I also don’t know why. Just take this year of Hari Raya for an example where I should buy pair of Hari Raya shirt and go back Singapore early, but yet… I still not really have any feeling to celebrate Hari Raya. I went to SUB and shopping there rather than buy Baju Melayu.

When people busy to shopping at Jalan Tuanku Abdul Rahman, I still prefer to stay at home. I don’t know why… My interest towards Hari Raya start decreasing start back 2 years ago when I study at Nilai University College.

Do you know where I celebrate my Hari Raya last year? HERE! It’s my 4D 3N which is only cost me RM35 in the total for the room at Penang.

I know this year and the previous year I always and never change to be a good boy… err I mean good guy ^^ So, I would like to apologize if I have do something wrong either purposely or not. I hope this year I will be a good guy.

Her mother really like my mom. I also just plan that I want stay at Starbuck (when at Singapore) for me to surf the internet and settle my work. Still remember last weekend I went back my hometown and for 3days, I only spoke with my mom for 10 minute then with my dad only half an hour. The rest of my time is with my laptop.

Hehe I promise with my parent that I will go back 3 days before hari raya but… the day before Hari Raya only I reach home ^^”

Sometimes Kampung life really interesting…

I still prefer late Yasmin Ahmad ads XD


Selamat Hari Raya Maaf Zahir & Batin!
Either purposely or not to do bad things T.T