Today is the day – the new toy from Samsung is out to finally meet the public. To be honest, this is my 1st time playing with a Samsung tablet. Since I planned to get a smart tablet for myself to accompany me during meetings with clients, and also to present my portfolio, I believe that this new toy from Samsung will satisfy my needs. Not to mention that I used other tablets but encounter some problems with them, like flash etc. Let me introduce to you the Samsung Galaxy Tab 7.7. More info: HERE!

The highlight of this toy, of course, is their Super AMOLED Plus display technology, that delivers brilliant colors. Actually, I’m also not really sure what AMOLED is all about. After doing some research, I understand that Super AMOLED Plus has the best color gamut, contrast ratio, sharpness and response time that makes viewing text clearer and sharper. So, I believe it is really does suit me. I need something that can help me make my portfolio look better.

Working in a production house ( and photography (, I need a good quality smart tablet that can provide me with good quality resolution, especially when my portfolio plays with a lot of colors. There’s no point for me to get a good shot and show to client when my tablet cannot provide me with a good quality portfolio. 1st impressions are really important. Since this toy is so sexy and slim (7.89mm & 340g), which is thinner than a pencil, I would not have a problem to carry it anywhere.

Usually I use my HTC Evo 3D to connect to a projector or even show to clients in coffee house. The size that’s kinda small gave me a little problem in presenting my portfolio. Since now I have a Samsung Galaxy Tab 7.7, I can use my HTC Evo 3D to make calls =) If you’re wondering about the processor, it is good enough for a small and slim tablet to carry a powerful 1.4GHz Dual Core Processor, and the most important thing is that it allows multitasking. My friend Yoga (check his blog. He have a lot of Samsung toy!) showed me how this toy can do a lot of thing in 1 page such as open a gallery to view photos and at the same time can use calculator or note pad etc.
Apart from that. it offers HSPA+ 21Mps to Wi-Fi Channel Bonding. YES! I really need internet connection. I am an internet freak. I need to have internet 24 hours. Thanks to Samsung, it is also has:

Samsung Hubs: E-books, SNS, Music and Games all in one device
Readers Hub : Access over 2.3 million e-books, 2,000 newspapers, and 3,000 magazines up to 49 languages
Social Hub : Integrates all social networking, email, SNS and Instant Messaging accounts into a single interface
Music Hub : Over 15 million songs for preview, download and play
Game Hub : First tablet to offer best-in-class Social Network games and Premium games, all delivered with lightning-fast graphics
Not only that, I also can enjoy full HD videos by just simply putting in a microSD card into the microSD slot. Another feature that this tablet has is voice calls. Conversations can be private by using the Receiver Mode in public places. Headset or Bluetooth for voice calls are no longer needed.
The Samsung Galaxy Tab 7.7 is suitable for everyone!
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