Kajang is well known for their Satay. What if, I tell you there have something worth to dine other than Satay? But if you really crave for Kajang Satay, they do sell too. So, where to dine in Kajang? I would recommend  Restoran Kantan Hotplate.
Recently we were invited by an old school singer, Amir Pearl. He invited us to try his new restaurant known as  Kantan Hotplate. Well, he just runs this restaurant for 23 days. They served West Asia cuisine. A combination of Western and Cuisine.
Personally, I give 5/10 for their Asian food and 7/10 for their Western food.
T-Bone Steak Hot Plate (RM31.90) & Hot Plate Kantan Special (RM18.90). T-Bone Steak is served with potato wedges, fresh vegetables and of course you can choose either black paper, garlic or mushroom for the sauce. For Kantan Special, the lamb grilled come with potato wedges and fresh vegetables. Just look at the photo. The portion of the side dish. Trust me, the portion of the wedges is damn huge.
Kantan hotplate buffet Ramadan
Bawal Hot Plate (RM9.90). It comes with 1 plate of rice and served with Kantan sambal recipe with Kasturi slice. If you need something classic yet Asian grilled fish, you can choose from their fish selection. They do have Bawal, Kembung, Cencaru & Pari. For me, I prefer Bawal for the grill.
Meatballs with Mashed Potatoes (RM5.90). If you are looking for something light yet filling, this is something that you may want to consider.
Nasi Goreng Salmon with Seafood Soup (RM12.90). I’m not really fan of their Salmon fried rice just simply maybe I prefer less cook for my Salmon.
Nasi Goreng Kambing Mandhi with Salmon Soup (RM12.90). You can try Lamb fried rice if you lamb lover and need something to fill up your tummy.
Kantan Black Ginger (RM6.90). This is their specialty. I had two of these. It is totally refreshing and trust me. You should try it!

Restoran Kantan Hotplate,

Lot 13595, Jln. Sungai Kantan
43000, Kajang, Selangor
Facebook : Kantan Hotplate
Instagram : Kantan Hotplate