I know my blog dead since I’m not in mood of blogging. People ask me why you hate rich people so much? I not hate them because of they rich but because of their attitude. Back then when I still study in Hotel Management, I work with bunch of my friend at few function like dinner and party as waiter. It’s happened few times where the rich people will show their true color in front of poor people. There have 1 incident where totally change my perception where I always told myself that not all rich people are the same.

I was working with some of my friends and it’s happened where my friend accidentally drop the sauce to one of guest dog. The sauce just drop to the dog shirt and we was apologize many times to that lady. The lady keep angry and scold us until one time where she said that “U know how much I bought my dog shirt? You salary also not enough to pay it!” I know it’s sounds simple, but you not in my situation where you was in the middle thousand rich people and wear waiter uniform.

From that moment I totally hate people who are rich but pretend they are not. The normal words they use are, “I’m not rich but my father are” or the way that he/she behalf we can know. When I went to another world that called blogging, I change my perception towards rich people. I try to believe that rich people not all are the same.

Until one day I met someone who are I trust most and she open my eyes back what is the rich people are. I not blame my friends who are rich but I wish he/she attitude won’t be like some of stupid rich people.

When someone said that I’m a guy who useless and no future, it’s really a big slap for me especially someone who are rich. It’s sound easy and normal if you say like that, but it’s come from someone that I trust most and for he/she is normal sentence. For me? It’s like a giant rock fall from 5th floor to your head. It’s that wrong I went to event? It’s that wrong I camwhor? It’s that wrong I like photography? It’s that wrong that I change course from Hotel Management to Business Marketing? Since I’m too low and no future, why I want take care other people since I can’t take care myself right?

Recently I watch Singapore drama where the issue about Money or Love? The fake sentence that I heard are “money it’s not everything, as long you love me it’s enough” Hey, we not in 1990 or during Zaman Hang Tuah? We now 2010. In this world, if you don’t have money, you are useless. How good are you, you can’t feed your family with love. They need $$ la brother. Even you want go toilet also need pay RM0.30.