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For those who do not know, Project O&O is Malaysia’s First Ever Intervarsity Online Pageant opened to all races. Do not get shock if the people who start it is a students from Johor. Jon Wong and Leo Isaiah is the mastermind for the Project O&O or known as Project One and Only.

While other bloggers went back, I asked Leo why they choose Advertlets as the official online sponsor. He told me that no matter the company is small or big, they prefer the company who show the interest. Since Advertlets reply them faster than other company, that’s one of the reason that they choose Advertlets. They prefer work with company who show interest compare with company who just throw the money. Great job Advertlets.

So, bunch of Advertlets blogger had an opportunity to see how they had a hair make over session courtesy of Hair Asia Salon. This 2 guys and 2 girls is the top 4 contestants who manage to reach this stage! Great jobs guys…

Andrew Fong. I really like his skin. Really fair and he looks like edward in the Twilight movie (i mean the skin color)

Qwen Ong, such a cute and easy to talk with her. Looks innocent ^^”

Kenny Mah, I think I met another guy who like to camwhor! Muahaha… At least nowadays camwhor not for girls only XP

Josheen Ma, She quite funny. Pity with her since she is the last person who styled her hair, but at least I you not bored since we have a lot of friendly blogger XD

Top: Interviewed by The Star journalist.
Bottom: Interviewed by Blogger (L: Bryan & R: Xiang)

Xiang told me the product that Hair Asia Salon used really good. I will drop there soon to cut my hair as well since the price not too expensive ^^

The bloggers had a chance to see how the hair stylish classes looks like.

So, tell me which one you like?
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Andrew Fong, representing INTI University College

Qwen Ong, representing Advance Tertiary College

Kenny Mah, representing Universiti Tunku Abdul Rahman

Josheen Ma, representing Universiti Tunku Abdul Rahman

I believe that they have fun with Edmund Tham. They went to photoshoot somewhere have a lot of rock. I have their picture after they get their new hair looks but, in order to respect the official photoographer, I will post it in my next post after they show the photoshoot picture.

So, what in the next post?

Stay tune…