heeHi guys…

February will end soon! It’s gathering time again! For my 3rd gathering, Traffic Light Cafe willing to sponsor me and my 30 reader + blogger for the food gathering!

Wanna see my 1st & 2nd gathering?
1st: Honkee Porridge!
2nd: Broga Hill

I know all of you know about it d. Thanks to Rebeca (I will get my own domain soon XD) who help me do the invite early and confirm the guest. I had so many pending post that haven’t done + accident + emo + problem never solve haha

I receive a great feedback from others readers about My Blog gathering! I will make sure there’s will have the 4th gathering!

Some of the picture that I get from this Amoi!
Pics & details credited to awyilynfoodblog.blogspot.com

P/S: Rebeca… I havent get my loh yee sang I dont want miss it XD

Details of the gathering:

Date: 25.02.2010
Day: Thursday
Time: 6pm SHARP!!! (No idea what happend if Rebeca angry XP)
Venue: Dataran Pelangi Utama. Beside Pelangi Utama Condominium Block A (The 1st floor right above Carrefour Express)
Food to expect: Chinese/Oriental Dishes/Western. Desserts – Tong Shui, Ice blended coffees. Snacks.

People who will attend:
The names below are the ones on the invite list.
If you see your name below, please leave a comment on whether you would be joining us or otherwise.

16 for Advertlets:
FeeQ (confirm)
Rebeca Saw (confirm)
Jeremy BBoyrice (confirm)
JonYKT (confirm)
Augustine (confirm)
BryanLYT (confirm)
Azrin (confirm)
Josh Lim (confirm)
Hanie Hidayah +1 (confirm)
Marcus De Silva (confirm)
Rames (confirm)
Jason Ong (confirm)
Ewin Ee (confirm)
Thong Kai (confirm)

Justin (confirm)

14 for Nuffnang:
Hitomi (confirm)
Suresh (confirm)
Evon Khong (confirm)
Dusty (confirm)
Wen Pink (confirm)
Xiang (confirm)
Amanda (confirm)
Daniel (confirm)
Alex (confirm)
Jefro (confirm)
Jacquelyn Ho (confirm)
Justified Jaime (confirm)
Howard (confirm)
Kellaw (confirm)

*Please bring some orange ya XD
For those who have any suggestion for my 4th (march) gathering and interested, please suggest to me XD