Last Sunday, I was invited to experience how Kuala Lumpur & Batu Cave looks like from the sky. Not to mention some of the “tricks” that made me want to vomit. On the lazy Sunday, 6 bloggers was experience to view Kuala Lumpur from sky!

Thanks to Meiying for the invite, Reuben for the flight, Rebecca for the ride and Renee who concern about me after see my face became so…. green after the trick!

So, where is the exact place that I went? It’s a private flight at the Royal Malaysian Air Force base at Sg. Besi!

What type of flight that I experience? It’s 2000 Cessna 172R Skyhawk (9M-HAN) with the seating capacity for 4 people an the cruising speed is 109 knots. For those who do not know, it’s Fuel Injected 160hp engine, IFR rated with single axis autopilot, Stellar cockpit lighting
for night flying activities.

It’s looks beautiful is it? With RM200 per person (RM600/3people) why not experience awesome KL view + to experience some “trick” from Reuben! For me, it’s worth. I wish that I can pass the KLCC bridge but Malaysian Law don’t let it.

At first, I thought Reuben is Indian but how come got Lim? Since most of my friend who name Reuben is Indian *hie behind big stones*. Lucky he so friendly. Reuben is a qualified Commercial Licence holder, so you guys no need to worry.

He quite young for the people who are age of 26. So girls, what you waiting for?

How big the plane? It’s not big like MAS or Air Asia. It’s only have seats for 4 people (including the pilot) For those who scare with high, Reuben recommended to seat in front and at the same time, make sure you eat something early. At least 2hour before the flight or you can ready some packet of chocolate and put on your pocket. Just in case you feel want vomit.

Before all of us fly like Superman, Reuben is the person who responsible to take care us. After he went around to the plane and do the safety checks on the plane, he also always ask us if we in a good condition or not. Either before we fly and also once we reach done.

Video: Start of flight – It’s just like how you’ve seen it in movies! Note: It’s a 8 min video but worth to watch every minute! by Rebecca

Video: We nearly puked our guts out after being turned NEARLY upside down in the small craft! by Rebecca

Some of the photos:

#1 I love the sky how it’s looks like.

#2 KL view from the sky!

#3 Can you spot huge cave in the middle of city & Ampang look out point?

#4 Beautiful right?

Camwhor with my team (1st team).

Camwhor with all bloggers.

ReubenAir is available for booking for just RM600 an hour. A tour around KL should take 40-45 minutes, thus RM400-RM450. The price is for the rental of the plane, so you can go in a group of three and split the cost! Of course 3 people because Reuben will be the pilot ^^

Royal Selangor Flying Club at TUDM, besides the Sg Besi highway. Click HERE!
Reuben from ReubenAir can be contacted at

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