Why Jason Deserve to meet Wayne Rooney?

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Give him a chance to meet Rooney in person is a once in a life time opportunity for him. Wait, who’s Wayne Rooney? A question everyone should know. Oh well, who doesn’t know who is Wayne Rooney? He’s the Oh-famous-football-player currently playing in the Premier League club Manchester United and the England national team. Not to mention he’s the Nike Football ambassador as well ! Most importantly, Rooney is Jason football idol. He’s like an icon to Jason when ever it comes to football.

This is Wayne Rooney. Very talented player, a play maker in the field. He has the skills, the technique and all. He has aggressiveness but sometimes its a lil too over, but he’s slowly growing up ever since he joined Man Utd. Now, he’s a more mature football player and we don’t see him fighting all the time anymore. It’s good thing! jason still remembered how hot tempered he was when he’s 17-18 years old. Horrible. He can protest and fightback when ever he’s not happy with the ref decision Or someone tackled him badly. When he does that, SURELY a RED card and off he go.

Although he’s bad tempered that time but he’s a super rising star. On his first match when he played for Man Utd, Jason was watching him playing. Yes on TV. Jason have to go to school the next day and Jason Scarified himself by staying up early in the morning 3am just to watch him play on his first match. He scored a hat trick with 3 goals on his own at the debut against Fenerbahce in 2004. On that first sight onwards, Jason was truly a big fan of him already. He’s a deadly striker! So far, England’s BEST striker. Other than being a striker, for Jason, Jason think he’s good in play making. Not just a striker. He can pass, he can cross better than anyone else as a striker position.

Besides, Rooney made his England debut in 2003 and, at UEFA Euro 2004, he briefly became the competition’s youngest goalscorer. He has also been awarded the PFA Players’ Player of the Year and the FWA (Football Writers’ Association) Footballer of the Year in 2009–10. A very influencial football player. That’s why he is one of the young famous footballer in the WORLD. Appart from his ex-teammate; Cristiano Ronaldo. Both of them are awesome players! They’re invetiable in the field.

How Jason get to know about Man Utd?

It was when Jason was still young. Jason couldn’t recall. Perhaps when Jason was as young as 12 years old. An England and Manchester United Fan.


Very obvious, Jason looked like a kid in these 2 photos. How fit he was and active in playing futsal every weekend. It’s been 8 years a true Man Utd fan. Now, he getting rusty! But he more to watching Rooney playing on the EPL. Last time he would have just seen Rooney a few times on the TV, mostly on pictures of Rooney in da newspaper!


Hurm, Jason think it was when the World Cup at Korea is going on. He was so crazy about football. People betting balls and all, he couldn’t be bothered. But the country he supported was, ENGLAND. Why England you ask?

Because MAN UTD = ENGLAND. In a way. If you realize most of the players in England is playing for Man Utd! Majority of em. Players like Rooney, Ferdinand, Scholes, Owen, Carrick, Brown, Neville, Gibson, Hargreaves, Alan Smith, Eric Cantona and so much more.

He remembered, it was last year when they had a Man Utd Asia Tour. Our Country, Malaysia is selected! He was so exited that he must attend all including the press conference, 2 days training passes + match passes. Even including the rematch! So happy at that moment. Let the photos speaks for me.

Jason with the 20 ft. huge poster!

Press conference. Only 4 of them appeared! Flecher, Gibson, Ferdinand and Nani. Jason put high hopes on Rooney to appear on the press con. But…. it’s okay. But he think he manage to tap Ferdinand’s shoulder! πŸ™‚

Up they go! They’re playing with our Malaysians enthusiast young football players.

Jason was with Joshua, Kim. And not to forget, Niki Cheong, Ian from the Star Rage.

Bukit Jalil Stadium in Malaysia. Perfect birds eye view. Enjoyed the match! it ended an exiting 3-2. A win to Man Utd.

Training session with the Man Utd players. It’s Jason first time seeing them in real life. But only behind his viewfinder. πŸ™

Spot Wayne Rooney in No.10 !!! You can’t see his number, Jason think you can spot Rooney body figure.

Other than that, Rooney had his own family too! His wife, Coleen Rooney with their son name, Kai Wayne Rooney. Hoping to meet them as well? Kai looks like his father. So chubby and cute. PINCH* Don’t you think so?

On the other hand,

Jason have attended this Tiger Beer regional online influencer challenge last week. And Team Captain, Jason and Eric Yong from Advertlets each of us won a carton of Tiger Beer back home! As you can see. I’m up there for anything. As long it’s for meeting Rooney in Person. Well, this is just a head start!


BTW, Here’s a video of Wayne Rooney’s Tiger Beer Advertisement before he explain what is it all about.

Tiger Beer is offering something GOOD for us! and let me tell you what’s it all about.

Here’s how it works!

A brief of what he need focus on. Jason in a run to meet the famous football player from England and Manchester United, Wayne Rooney in PERSON. He get to PARTY with him, hang out with him, have lunch with him, get his autographs, get some official merchandise, Q&A session and the best part is, he get to play some balls with him on the field.

He is competing himself with 3 other regional countries in Asia. Singapore, Vietnam and that includes bloggers from Malaysia as well. Fellow friends of him, he need some of your huge support to support me! He need 10 supporters to support him. But that’s not his main focus right now. If lets say he is the chosen one, he will know who you are πŸ™‚ As you can see, he really serious on getting this and he will do whatever it takes.

Also, he was told that Tiger will be giving away a FULL EXPENSE PAID PARTY courtesy of Tiger Beer for those who have the most comments in his/her blog post. If lets say he is the chosen one, like he said. He will know who you are πŸ™‚

He have always wanted the chance to fly out of the country and see the world. But Sadly, the opportunity wasn’t there yet for him. He hope, this is his chance to really fly out of the country and to Manchester to meet Wayne Rooney! Imagine, the feeling of sitting down with him, having a talk session with him, being in Old Trafford stadium with all the other fans watching Live matches, having a tour around the Stadium. 5 Days 4 nights there in Manchester. Like What? It’s like my ultimate dream for me to be there.

Send a representative from Malaysia to Old Trafford. Send him there and he sure he will take this opportunity to share with you guys my journey there to Manchester with Wayne Rooney.

Why He Deserve to FLY all the way to Manchester and meet Wayne Rooney in Person?

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