Last night wen to PCK The Movie meet & greet at Ritz Carlton KL. Thanks Nippon Paint & Advertlets for the passes. All the bloggers have fun and also get closer with the celebrity cast.

Back then when I still at Singapore… Long time ago when still kid, err I mean young *puppy eyes* I really follow all PCK movie. Actually more to Gurmit Singh. From PCK movie, Our Makan Place Lost & Found (Gurmit Singh is the host) etc. Met him many times in few event when he became the emcee at Singapore. Unfortunately, that time I not yet blog T.T

Phua Chu Kang (Gurmit Singh), Rosie (Irene Ang), and Lim Lau Pek (Henry Thia) were there in person to meet all their fans.

During the meet & greet session, there was this little girl dressed up as PCK. She also came up on stage. She ask Gurmit to sign on the boot for her. Gurmit also spontaneous take the boot that the little girl take out and play with it. Smelly? XD The yellow boot with girly stickers on it LMAO

Emcees: MY FM DJ Royce and MIX FM Serena C

They really funny… Anytime anywhere XP

There was a game going where three person in a group will need to act. The triangle relationship between PCK, Rosie, and Lim Lau Pek was the scene. You must watch this video for a good laugh =D – by Tian Chad

There also have a games where the participants need to act base the main cast. Three person in a group will need to act. View the below detail for the “drama” XD

Group one to act: Really cool where the kid manage to make Rosie (The uncle) not talking at all lol – by Tian Chad

Group two act: SimonSeow, Jason Ong (Mynjayz) and Michelle Lee were in the act =D
Let see who is the winner kay? Watch the above video~! – by Tian Chad

The judges… judge ^^”

So, the winner goes to… Group one!

The participants with the celebrity casts and Nippon Paint.

Phua Chu Kang Pte. Ltd. the best in Singapore, Jb and some say batam.

Blogger camwhor photos! Regret not bring my fisheye T.T

With MY FM DJ Royce and MIX FM Serena C

*Sorry for the color tone. I know damn yellow. Edit it when I damn sleepy last night.


So, let’s go watch the movie together! Those who want, reply here. Will arrange PCK movie trip together XP

PCK The Movie Trailer (Malaysia Version)

PCK The Movie Trailer (Singapore Version)