One of the platform that I use to download movie are using megaupload. Well, I believe there’s no more megaupload for me after this anymore. Below are 10 photo of Megaupload’s Boss Kim Dotcom’s Extravagant Lifestyle
Megaupload’s Founder and Boss, Kim Schmitz ‘Dotcom’, has been in custody since police raided his Auckland mansion on Friday. The German businessman was denied bail in New Zealand on Wednesday, with a judge saying he was concerned the Internet tycoon’s vast wealth meant he could flee the country if released from custody. Take a look the extravagant lifestyle the Megaupload boss indulged in as he was running his multi-million dollar empire.
Aerial shot of Kim Dotcom’s $30 Million Mansion in Coatesville, north west of Auckland, New Zealand.
The grand entrance to Kim Dotcom’s Mansion.
Mr Dotcom wasn’t shy about putting his name to things.
Visitors would be greeted by giraffe statues grazing along the green grass of Mr Dotcom’s property.
A Rolls-Royce Phantom Drophead Coupe – one of the 18 luxury cars that the police seized after 37 year-old Dotcom’s arrest during his house raid on Friday, January 20.
More of Dotcom’s luxury car collection – this time a group of Mercendes Benz vehicles that were also seized and towed away during the house raid.
A pond in the grounds of Dotcom’s mansion
A general view of Kim Dotcom’s luxurious mansion.
Kim Dotcom is seen at a hearing at the North Shore District Court in Auckland on Wednesday 25 January, where a New Zealand judge ordered that he should be held in custody for another month.