Hey guys, it’s have been awhile. Finally I have time to blog. I have been busy lately and Alhamdulillah now everything went smoothly.
Some of you might know and some of you still haven’t got the clear picture on my new project. I would like to announce my new company (sister company of CVS Production) which is focused on weddings. We have a team of professional photographer and videographer who are focused on weddings.

Why wedding?
Do what you love and money will come afterwards. Sometime I need to go back to my basic and focus on what I love to do, in order for me to produce better quality of photo and video. I’m starting my photography and videography journey from events and weddings. So, why should I stop?

Why now and how it started?
Good stuff needs time. Sometime people love to brag what they do, but there’s no output. However, I prefer to let the secret reveal by itself. Everything started at the coffee shop, last year October. My friend and I had our usual coffee hunting on Sunday morning. What else you can expect when the boys had their coffee? Of course, it’s all about business and gear. When I went back home, I had an idea of coming up with wedding photography and videography company. It took me almost 3 months to get the core business model, idea and team player. After some research and feedback, we give it a try on January 2014. We took a month to bring everything alive and Alhamdulillah, on the 1st of February 2014, PhotoVideoKahwin is officially launched!

Can you focus?
CVS Production and Creative Visual Studio (commercial and corporate) have the same nature of business, photography and videography. However, we try to create something different in PhotoVideoKahwin and even the target market are different. I will focus on my events, corporate and commercial field and I have a team of people who will focus on PhotoVideoKahwin.
We have also just started up our 1st travelogue channel known as “The Wedding Travelogue”. We are going to share with you our journey, experience, behind the scene, etc. Dedicated to all our outstation assignment. The purpose of the channel is to show people how fun our work is and we want to tell people that we enjoy our work and we will try our best to produce better quality and service. Inshaallah, if you interested you may have opportunity to be part of the team 🙂
What we do? Check out HERE!
Kahwin means wedding. At PhotoVideoKahwin, we specialize in capturing bridal and audiences moments. If there is no moments, we will create it. We are focusing on wedding photography and videography. Based in Malaysia, Singapore and Indonesia.
Experience more than 5 years in photography and videography industry. Now we choose wedding industry as our main path.
Contact: +60166664034
Email: hello@photovideokahwin.com