When people keep complain why I never snap mosque photo and always a church & temple photo… it’s not that I don’t want too but I never have a chance. Don’t tell me when I go pray I want bring my camera along…

Normally when I follow my friend went to church or temple, while they pray I let my itchy hand snap around. Did you aspect I pray inside there? NO!
Like usual… My hand & my gear are moving XD

Some of the picture regarding Singapore Temple!

A lot people asked me if I’m really Islam… Yup I am!
I don’t like when I went out with other people who read my blog and follow me in FB & Twitter especially Malay friends who keep ask me that stupid question.

Nowadays people keep issuing about the ALLAH name and I really no bother about it.
People said that Christian bad, some said Muslim bad.. No Buddhist ka? haha… But I don’t care about that. For me, all of them are human. Nobody are perfect. If you think what you do is correct, maybe for other people is not! So far I friend with different type of races but I do not have any problem with it. So, why should I have problem with it?

Every day there’s always have sunrise and sunset… Which is mean we become older and older and older! Everybody will die and dead is waiting for us somewhere… So, it’s depends on yourself how you gonna treasure your life!

For me life is journey and not a destination. So, keep moving forward!

Everyone do a mistake but have you learn from it?
If you fall, it’s doesn’t mean that you failed!
Stand up and don’t give up! You will success!

Sometime we want something that really impossible for us top achieve it. Positive thinking and keep in your mind there’s nothing that you can’t do!
How you spell impossible?
I . M . POSSIBLE. = I am possible!

Sometime we dream too high. For me it’s not wrong at all. Some people scare that they fall while dreaming. It’s better than we dream for a small things and we satisfied with it.

Respect yourself and your surrounding to gain a respect from other people. Don’t think that you will get a respect from other people if you cant respect them. Proud with yourself and appreciate it.

Take your time to think and plan what will you do next. Everyone need their own time…
Same goes to ourselves. Don’t make our life too complicated.

From left…
Kah Wai, Kim, Edmund & Little Monkey!