Putrajaya is one of the place that I like most to visit. Maybe because it’s nearby with my college… Love to go Alamanda as well and let me poison you guys with another my photoshooting…

Putrajaya Night View!
I thought it wont happend again but the same problem keep came back to me. I tired, tired for everything… Same problem, different people but the same issue!
Forget everything & move forward! but can I?
Please give me the spirit!

Whenever you look into lake, there’s always have a reflection. If you still stood there, the reflection will keep remaining there. So, this the time where you should change. If you know the same situation have a high possibilities to give you the same problem, why should you look for it?

There’s always have a way and light to show you the correct way. You the only one who should choose the right path. I tried my best and I thought I never failed to make a decision but I wrong and careless…

From Left…
Little Monkey, Kim, Edmund & Kah Wai