Yesterday was the launch of “Karnival PEACEYALL”, “SKOOLASTIK” comic by “DAC PEACEYALL” online mobile games by Dato’ AC Mizal and UBI the cartoonist collaboration with OMGFest Ventures. I’m here at the press conference of #peaceyallcarnival , “skoolastik” & “DAC Peaceyall” by @datoacmizal.
With a collaboration with OMGFest Ventures, there will have a lot of activity such as a VJ Peaceyall film audition, games, celebrity performances and many more. The carnival that took place 2 days is the first time happen in Malaysia and it will be LIVE (LIVE STREAMING) to the whole world through Peaceyall.FM apps.
Event detail : Peaceyall FM
Date : 2-3 April 2016
Venue : Dataran Ayer Keroh, Melaka followed by Penang, Perak, Terengganu, Johor and lastly in Kuala Lumpur.
OMG Fest : @omgfest2014
Peaceyall fm radio online : HERE!
DAC Peaceyall : HERE!
Follow IG @peaceyallfm
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For those who are interested to open booth at Peaceyall carnival, please contact +6011 2626 1656 (Daz) / +019-279 6275 (Lieza) or email to For more information ; Peaceyall.FM.
Ubi from Studio Diam Diam Ubi. Malaysia cartoonist will be the main highlight during the event too.
The media and bloggers had the opportunity to try out Perfume By DAC & DER.
 The main people who gonna make Peaceyall FM carnival happen this year.
Dato’ AC Mizal with Peaceyall FM VJ.
Dato’AC Mizal shared her point of  view, how do online media take place nowadays. Thank you Halim and Hai Blogger for the invitation.