Right now I’m sitting in the bus on my way to Johor Bharu from Putrajaya for another FAM Media trip. It was really a tiring day when I just left Resort Suites Sunway this morning at 6am (I was staying there for 3 days) and rushing back to my office, CVS Production to do some documentation and packing my luggage. By 9am, I’m already at Ministry of Tourism Malaysia in Putrajaya for departure.

I still can’t get rid out of my mind regarding yesterday incident. Right after my hotel interior photo shooting in Resort Suites Sunway, my colleagues and I went to have our dinner. I bumped into my ex girlfriend who work in Sunway Resort Hotel and I’m quite surprised that she still have my number. We did a quick chat since she have to work. I never realise it’s have been more than 6-7 years ever since I met her. Well, we never end our relationship in a good way back then because we are still young.

I still remember the main reason why we broke up was about my career. What I want to do in future and what kind of world that I want to live in. We were young back then but we already plan about living together. To run a production house and active in social media back then is not really what she want me to do. Well, I must admit these kind of profession back then never bring us to anywhere especially when I’m not really good at it. However, I always believe if she really love me, she will support me and trust my dream. No matter what. If not, she must have a valid reason for it.

She want me to find a stable income just simply because my passion never seems like can put any food on our table and we might dying for hunger. We always had this argument and at the end of the day, she left me for another rich guy. This is one of the reason why I always appreciate my good friend because they never leave me even when she did. That’s why some of you who know me personally will understand why I treat my good friend like brother/sister.

Looking back and compare it with where I stand right now I definitely never regret to choose my passion rather than my future with her. I’m not rich or successful person but I’m glad that I choose what I love to do and pay my bills with it.