Last week, I was invited to attend “Ramadhan Buka Puasa Buffet 2011” by Otak-Otak Place. For those who do not know, Otak Otak Place is one of the F&B chains of Regal Effect Sdn Bhd and is a themed café that offers Otak-Otak dishes with other local delicacies. If you felt that you heard about it before but you do not really remember, just try to remember their icon… old bicycle that always located outside of the shop as their icon =)
Appetizer anyone?
Something interesting about Otak Otak place, there are 14 varieties of otak-otak dishes from Muar such as toast with otak-otak, nasi lemak otak-otak, otak-otak fried rice. Not only that, there are 21 varieties of snacks selection.
If you think they only serve otak otak, you are wrong. there are 32 varieties of food selection of Malaysian local delicacies such as dry curry chicken noodles, otak-otak char kuey teow mee, mee bandung muar, fish head seafood noodles, bbq chicken rice, nasi lemak ayam perchik, nasi lemak special, traditional kampung fried rice and from our western selection of grilled mushroom chicken chop, spaghetti Bolognese a la king.
When talk about the beverage, Otak otak place offer 57 varieties of beverage ranging from coffee product to blended cold drink. Meal would not complete without dessert and yes… there do have a dessert. There are 6 varieties of desserts and 6 varieties of Ice cream!
The buffet style is offer Malay food and all of it you can get from otak otak place menu. So, if you feel of try all their menu, why not drop by to their buffet promotion.
You might want visit their facebook, HERE!
Curry laksa.
Pick and mix your own rojak. Do not miss to try their paste… damn syok =)
I started my break fasting with some pasta, fried otak otak and roti jala.
How can I racist to say no to roti jala? =) The otak otak quite different because they fried the otak otak. They still have normal otak-otak.
Next pit stop… Fried catfish, kampung fried rice, beef and chicken 😉
I am personally love their catfish since It is not too oily and skinny.
Otak otak and some grill fish & chicken in the house yo!
They had a grill section outside the building and they had otak otak, grill fish, grill chicken and some satay =)
Now they have a promotion Buy 10 Free 2 or Kid eat For Free or 50% Discount for Senior citizens =)
Contact No:
No.2 Jalan U1/17,
Seksyen U1 Hicom Glenmarie Industrial Park,
Shah Alam, Selangor, 40000