A lot of people realized that currently I wear Crocs’ Santa Cruiz Plaid when I attend any event. It’s not only looks cool but also comfortable. Since I’m a photographer and need go around take picture, the only choice that I satisfied so far is Crocs. Those who think that I rich to buy expensive “selipar” or lucky enough to get it free during Crocs’ Spirng / Summer Collection is totally wrong!


1 question before I answer it. Are you guys a big fan of Crocs? or at least Crocs Facebook Fan? Now you don’t have any reason to buy FAKE Crocs because there will have a Crocs Warehouse Sales up to 70% discount!

I had the opportunity to see by my own eyes where is the warehouse sales will be and how big it is!

Since a lot of people asking what Crocs will sell on that day, I had an opportunity to provide some of the detail to all of you what the product that will be sale on that day! These are only a small part of all available designs. For your information, there are CROCS for both kids and adults! So do bring your kids along for this Warehouse Sale (o^^)o

Well here’s a sneak preview on what’s happening soon!
Haha my 1st time do commercial…damn ugly leh me ^^”
This video was made by: Nigel Sia


I choose Tideline Leather Men because it’s not only awesome, it’s have hole for the air flow. It’s also suitable to wear with formal attire and the best part is, no need to wear sock haha ^^”

If you want some Crocs with the flower design you can try Cayman Winter Floral. You can ask Tian Chad what he felt with that shoes.

Or some of sporty crocs like Jeremy choice? Try Wraith and TrailBreak!

Maybe some funky Crocs you can ask Nigel ^^

Or maybe you plan to go beach? You can ask Jon.

For ladies, there still have pinky Crocs to choose and you can ask Ching Yen of course what she felt about it ^^

Visit my previous post about the Crocs Warehouse detail HERE!

30th Apr – 3rd May : Warehouse sales open to public, 10am- 10pm.

First 500 digi users who flash their digi mobile at CROCS cashier
while paying will receive a RM10 CROCS cash voucher.

Digi customers who make any transaction at digi booth
will received a RM10 Giant hypermarket voucher.

Those who bring the RM20 cut-out voucher from newspaper/flyer
will be able to redeem it upon purchase of RM200 and above.

Remember to grab the RM20 Cash Discount Voucher when you take their flyer and you can enjoy extra RM20 discount for every purchases RM200 and above at the CROCS Warehouse Sale in a single receipt.

See you guys there (o^^)o

Cheers ~