Everyone need a holiday. For me? Penang is my 1st choice for food hunting if you guys ask me to choose “makan place” in Malaysia. 2nd is Malacca of course. Back then I was planning to go Penang during holiday but sadly a lot of things happened that I need face it alone.

I was cancel all my holiday trip where I involve with a lot of accident… Money fly wei T.T

Lucky I had part time where I supposed to go Penang. Awesome! Today until Thrsday I will be at…

HERE! my previous visit to Penang!

My plan every day after work is Food Hunting!

Or maybe I should avoid this:

The top 5 MOST OILY dishes you can find in Penang Island which will nuke your diet plans back to the stone age!

5: Char Kway Teow
(My Previous Visit to Famous Penang Lorong Selamat Char Kway Teow HERE!)

4: Nasi Kandar Line Clear
(My Previous Visit to Famous Penang Nasi Kandar Line Clear HERE!)

3: Penang Pasembur

2: Sup Kambing

1: Fried Oyster
(My Previous Visit to Famous Penang Fried Oyster HERE!)

Or maybe I will change my mind after watch this:

Off to Penang Now