Today is the first day of June and I can’t believe how time flies. I can’t wait for the next half of the year for the opportunity and the obstacle. Sometimes we need some spices in our life to make it interesting isn’t?
For the past one week, my team and I had a sleepless night. We are planning what is our new direction how we can overcome the things that hold us back. I was blessed and grateful for the opportunity to work with various people from different industry. Not to forget I have people who are supportive and share the same ideas as what I have in my mind. It’s not an easy task to pull the string, but we have strong bones that support us from behind. Teamwork is the key.
Some of you might receive my “yum cha” invitation out of sudden. Trust me, I just wanted to have some quality time with you guys not because I want to sell MLM package. You guys are the one that inspired/support/push me to make me a better person. I never would have made it without your support.
It’s really amazing to see how does running a production house can bring me to different business field. We might have different mission, but we did share the same ideas and the most important somehow we manage to find the commonality in our expertise.
We started to do more work than talking so that the action spread the positive message and let the money work for us while we sleeping. Everything seems great and it’s good to see the improvement. I love with all the energy, support, opportunity and the most important is the hunger in passion.
Thank you once again for all the support. I’m human and I will never be perfect. I’m trying my best to learn from the mistake and improving myself. Learning is the key and success is the journey, not a destination.
That was me 5 years ago during video shoot as official blogger for @CrocsMalaysia
P/S: Now you guys know why I can’t nail any girls isn’t?