Nothing is more important than customer satisfaction. I always try to put myself in my customer shoes so that they will be satisfied with my services. For those who do not know, I just set up my own studio in Puchong. Creative Visual Studio is all about photography, cinematography and studio. We have a professional photography studio, run by a group of dedicated, passionate photographers that do photography shoots on any occasion. Tell us what you want and we will work something out for you.

We appreciate every moment because they are your precious memories. Established on the 1st of August 2011 by 2 photography enthusiasts, Creative Visual Studio expands their services in the photography studio line.

Felix & Nicholas having fun with our new bean bag.
Guess what? Few days ago, something had just arrived my studio. I always wanted my own bean bags and finally, I have huge bean bags. It is very important to have a comfortable office/studio in order to make my time and work more productive. Of course, without any necessity with a very luxurious furnishing and decor, my studio had more than enough to be comfortable. 


If you asked me about the quality of bean bags, they are all made with Faux leather and those bean bags are most probably the size of your single bed mattress. It is 180cm x 140cm in size! How big! Actually, they have polyester and cotton too but I prefer faux leather. Let me briefly explain what is Faux leather as many had asked me what is that. Faux leather basically is an artificial leather in which has the highest quality as compared to any other fake leather. In fact, it doesn’t feel fake. It feels almost like a real leather itself, despite the smell.
See.. I told you.. Ok.. now I know what my staffs do when I’m busy doing my work inside my room!
Actually two people can sit on the bean bag at the same time. In the future, I’m gonna get LED TV & PS3 for my studio. I bet it’s gonna be much more comfortable to watch TV or play games. So, what’s so good about bean bags? Well, to give you a brief answer, I would say one word, flexibility. What do I mean? Bean bag is made off with its flexibility to bend, to form any kind of shapes you want with limitation. But it is still a cool thing though.

In conclusion, bean bags would do good either at home or work place, just anywhere you want! It is very comfortable and affordable compared to luxurious chairs, sofa, etc. Bean bags are the best! You can get these bean bags at a good price, just contact Insani MTA Enterprise at 017-8777147 (Mohd Taufiq).

For those who are wondering what Creative Visual Studio scope is, we actually cover anything related to photography and cinematography. Photography services provided by Creative Visual Studio are as such:

– Portraiture
– Profile shooting
– Commercial
– Weddings (Pre-Wedding, Actual Day, Post wedding, Engagements. etc)
– Events
– Fashion
– Families
– Babies
– Product / Food
– Architectural
– Travel
– Dinner
– Celebration