Today is the last day of My Selangor Story. After 6D 5N we stay, shopping and of course have fun like 1 big family it is the time where everyone take photo with each other, exchange phone number, hug each other since everyone will separate. Everything in this world would not last longer but I learn where we need appreciate everything that we had and of course treasure it.

The last dinner where all the blogger had is really awesome. Not only the environment and the food but the moment that we spend on that night. After our stomach full, everyone singing and share their moment. At the end, everyone really felt sad to leave the trip and the bloggers.

What I felt about the trip?
27bloggers + fun + tired +food + memories = 1 big family

Below is the last teaser (Day4 & Day5)… check it out previous teaser HERE!

Day 4
(Dorani Homestay Sabak Bernam Sungai Besar – Sunway)


Day 5
(Sunway – Tropicana Medical Centre – Sunway Lagoon – Ampang Lookout Point – Sunway)



Hmmm… I should stop update my blog now… Gonna grab some rest and then I have study group at 8PM

Thank you once again to My Selangor Story for all the sponsor and I really have fun (I really try to have fun) XP

Hope we can spend time together next time ^^